In all rough stock events, the rider must qualify for judging by completing an eight-second ride. Half of the riders score is accounted for by the bucking action of the animal (the better the animal bucks, the higher the score awarded), while the remaining half is assessed upon the rider's control, technique and other factors. A rider will not qualify for judging if he does not complete the full eight second ride, and he will be disqualified for touching the animal, himself or any of his gear with the hand he must keep free.

  • Saddle Bronc Ride
  • Bareback Bronc Ride
  • Bull Ride


There are five timed events (including two 'ladies own' events) held in each full rodeo program. These events require competitors to train and transport their own horses to compete on, adding additional expense to each rodeo. Timed events are, as the name suggests, won or lost on time simply, the quickest competitor (or team) wins! Technique and skill are as important in the timed events as in the rough stock events, to minimise time in order to be in the placings for an all important cheque!

  • Ladies Barrel Race
  • Roping
  • Team Roping
  • Breakaway Roping
  • Steer Wrestling
  • Steer Undecorating 

In the four timed events involving stock, the animal must have a "head-start", or the competitor is penalised with a 10- second penalty for "breaking the barrier", while barrel racers have a 5-second penalty added to their time for knocking over a barrel.


Saddle Bronc
Bareback Bronc
Bull Ride
Ladies Barrel Race
Team Roping
Breakaway Roping
Steer Wrestling
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